The concept was derived from the increasing demand from modern computers needing to dissipate larger amounts of heat from the processor. This new compact technology is at the heart of the Jouleflow product. The design allows the unit to pack a very large surface area within a decorative tube to emit heat into the surroundings.

This is where the original Jouleflow project was created. The name Jouleflow is derived from the way the system works with the water travelling in opposite directions through concentric pipes.

More information on this can be found on the specification page of this website.
Founders Statement: Greg Webb
The driving force behind Jouleflow is to offer a space saving unit that combines form and function together in a unique style. With fine Aluminium radial fin technology now available, it presented a challenge to incorporate it into domestic heating. The system needed to compatible with standard hot water and steam systems and be resistant to corrosion. Therefore all parts exposed to water or steam are made from Copper or Brass. As the outside tube is not exposed to corrosion it leaves the customer free to specify from several materials to suit their particular style. The result is the Jouleflow range.